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I'm Anthony Tilker, owner of Tilker Machine & Design LLC. I am a machinist with over 15 years of experience in the metrology, oil, aerospace and heavy equipment industries. We provide machine shop, welding and fabrication, product design and rapid prototyping services to the Central Oregon area. At TMD our arsenal includes a Bridgeport style knee mill, Bridgeport Boss CNC mill, 20x60 metal lathe, horizontal bandsaw, MIG and ARC welder, media blaster, powder coater, Fusion3Designs FDM 3D printer, CAD design center and more.

For years I've assisted companies in Central Oregon with product design, development and manufacturing. I am a detail-oriented person who sees every project with a meticulous and discerning eye. I can help with any job, ranging from a simple weld or cut to a large rebuild or production run. Whatever your needs, we are here to exceed expectations. My rates are reasonable, and I enjoy serving members of our community and local small business.

Outside of work I spend time sailing Central Oregon's pristine lakes or carving canyons on one of my motorcycles.

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